Customise Metal Fabrication

Allan Defence Technologies offers our customers complete realization of any product idea or concept within Metal Fabrication. Based on our long experience of designing and customizing products, our engineering team is ready to attack any technical problem thrown at them. With in-house resources for mechanical design and layout, technical writing, and project management, our R&D team is highly capable of managing complex development.

We stand ready to design and build your products, regardless of volume.

You will find examples in our customer projects, where our R&D has worked closely with customers to meet their exact requirements.

Here is how the process works.

  • Start
  • Concept-request.jpg

    Concept Request

    When a customer asks for a new product, we engage in discussions about the requirements and specifications for the product. Once that is agreed, our architects produces a concept description, which includes a product design, technical features, product images. The concept description is accompanied with a quote that includes lead time, cost and unit price for the requested volumes.
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    Development Specification

    After the concept has been ordered, a development specification is created. The specification ensures that our engineers and the Customer have a common understanding of the product; deliverable, features, specifications, and how verification of requirements are to be made. The agreed specification is also the main input to our engineers when they work on the detailed design. The development specification is the formal backbone of the project and will be referred to and reviewed frequently during the project.
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    After the development specification is approved by the customer, the detailed design work begins. It includes mechanics and electronics. All drawings, layouts, and specifications needed to produce a prototype are prepared in-house. Allan Defence Technologies always attempts to verify design decisions early, in order to identify potential problems and challenges, ensuring that our first prototype is a solid product.
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    Prototype Builds

    After the design has been approved in a rigorous review process, Allan Defence Technologies work with both local and international suppliers. When the suppliers delivers parts according to our specification, we start to fabricate your product building the first prototypes. The prototypes are always built in cooperation between our engineers and production personnel. This practice ensures that optimizations for volume production are considered early, and verifies that the design follows our DFM (Design for Manufacturing) process.
  • Finished-product.jpg

    Finished product

    After the prototype has been completely verified, Allan Defence Technologies either delivers the products to the customer or continues to develop the product for volume production. This is carried out by producing serial samples that are built in our volume production line to ensure that we can build the product in higher volumes and achieve consistently good results. When the product has been verified for higher volumes (pre-series approval), the project is considered finished and closed. When the project is closed, Allan Defence Technologies is ready for full production of the product. We are experienced in running this whole process on very tight deadlines.
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